Sculpted Vessels
WoodSong Studio       Garry Bowes
The creations in this gallery of Artistic Woodturning have a more functional appearance.   Friendship pieces are smaller and start at $150.  Please contact the studio for prices.
To be presented as gifts.  Human relationships are so very vital and deserve to be honoured.   Wood is a warm, tactile material and represents the emotional bond that develops between friends.  The stone or steel is durable and strong and speaks to the permanence of the relationship.

Getting Around
Walnut inserts follow one of the growth rings around this liberty elm vase.  Fully hollowed with a thin wall, this vase is turned from the full diameter of a new variety of elm planted at the Governor General's estate.
Height 10 inches   #857
Slitted Vase
Thin-walled elm vase
Height 11 inches   #775
Quilted Maple
Oval bowl and base.
Length 10 inches   #743
This fluted vase is of American elm. The coarse grain in this wood takes up dyes in a very interesting way.
Height 9 inches   #811
A dozen brass accents extend through the neck of this rich walnut vase.  The diagonal flutes run smoothly from the base to the slender neck.  The vase is uniformly hollowed from neck to base.
height 8 inches    #631
From my Wind Series, the lateral cuts in this slippery elm vase represent the wind and give movement to the vase as one passes.
Height 7.5 inches     #726
Out of China
Maple bowl and lid, with padauk insets and finial.  Compex lid employs the "woodlace"technique developed at WoodSong Studio.
#605,   7.5"diam., 6.5"high
Big Leaf Maple classical vase.
Height 10.5 inches   #727
Serenely Sessile
From my Porifera or Sea Sponge Series, this black walnut sculptured vase is made from one piece of heartwood from a log purchased locally.
Height 8 inches    #693

Elm Twist
The spiraling cuts let light pass through this slippery elm vase and it appears to spin as one passes by.
Height 7 inches   #725
Planet Earth
The continents are raised and outlined in black in this black walnut, thin-walled vase.  Light shines through the slits in the watery parts giving movement to the rotating planet.    The walnut is from a local Ottawa tree.
Height 9 inches   #776

Storm Vessel
Another piece from my Wind Series, this classical, thin-walled vase is turned from American elm.
Height 11 inches     #651

Fluted Walnut
What a beautiful piece of black walnut.  The simple form with smooth sculptured lines would make this a very elegant centrepiece.
Height 10 inches    #699
Fleur de la Nuit
This is one piece of black cherry but the lowered parts have been dyed black, pierced and the openings dyed red.  As the cherry (from a local tree) ages it takes on a very rich dark colour.
Height 9 inches    #732
Closed Bowl
The sculpted openings allow a glimpse of the interior of this very shallow, white birch bowl.  The walnut neck and matching walnut chain are enhancements that contrast with the simple birch.   Diam. 8 inches     #887
Cretian Trophy
Sapelle wood from South America forms this folded bowl and it is cradled by dyed, sculpted oak.
   The base is of granite.
         15 inches long by 9 inches high.    #715
Closed Bowl
Butternut bowl with birdseye
maple petals and cap.
diameter 8 inches,  #888