About WoodSong Studio
Garry Bowes
        WoodSong Studio was founded in 1996 and since its beginning, over 890 pieces of wood art have been created.   Every item has it's beginning on a wood lathe and decorating, carving and other sculptural enhancements are added to the finished woodturning.
Garry Bowes
WoodSong Studio      

        I love simple flowing forms in wood, and the way that natural colours, grain patterns, negative spaces and textures, such as bark, can enhance the natural beauty of the wood.  I believe that, unlike some other mediums, wood has a warmth that adds to the comfort and décor of its surroundings.

        The decorations that I add to my woodturnings, such as dyeing,
WoodSong woodlace, wood and metal inlays, fluting and carving, and the incorporation of stone, are all techniques developed in my studio.  I produce most of my own tools for hollowing, and to achieve these results.

        I delight in the smooth feel of the wood in my hands, and find excitement each time I cut into a new piece of this material.

        With wood artistry, nature is the true artist; I just do the gift wrapping!

Displays and Shows
Art from the studio is exhibited in several locations in Ottawa and is included in several juried shows throughout the year. 
Dimensions,  2010,11,12,13,14,15,16  Ottawa Premiere Sculpture Show
International Juried Art Exhibit, 2009,2014    Remington Museum, Ogdensburg N.Y.  USA
Nocturne Exhibit, 2009,          Cube Gallery, Ottawa Ontario
The Artful Home, 2009,      On line showcase for art,  Madison W USA
 John Patrick Mills Art Gallery, 2010,   One month show as featured sculptor
Friends of the Farm fine art show, 2010,  Otttawa Experimental Farm
Samsara Show,  one man show, month of Feb.,2011, Trinity Gallery, Shenkman Art Centre
Nature into Sculpture Show, 2011,2012  Canadian Museum of Nature
"Those Bowes", Centre Gallery, Heron Road Community Centre, 2011
"Selections" Show, Trinity Gallery, Shenkman Art Centre, 2013

     COLLECTIONS:    ( a partial list )
Northwater Capital Management,  Bay St., Toronto
Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth of Great Britain
President George W. Bush of the USA
Emperor Akihito of Japan
Prime Minister George Brown of Great Britain
Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany
Prime Minister Fukuda of Japan
Irish Ambassador Declan Kelly
More than 300 pieces sold throughout Canada and from Maine to California in the USA

Media Coverage
        WoodSong art has been featured on TV and on the covers of magazines.  LeeValley Tools, the largest mail order company in North America has placed sculpture from the studio on five of their tool catalogues.
Current Shows and Displays

Display Case, General Hospital
Entrance to Cancer and Acute Care Wing
Smyth Road, Ottawa

Display Case
Heron road Community Centre
Seniors Lounge
1480 Heron Road