Wood Sculpture, $300 - $1300
Garry Bowes
Wood Sculpture
Please contact the studio for wood sculpture prices which range from as little as $300 to $1800.
    Endangered Species          
This sister piece to "Oracle" (see below
under more sculpture), is of beautiful
redwood and copper, powder-coated
steel.  I like to think of it as an exotic
plant, lost forever in the destruction of the rain forest.
Height 12 inches    #882
Forest Orchid
Pierced hawthorne flower with cherry stamen, set on carved and polished soapstone base.
Height 13 inches    #890
De La Mer
Can you see this plant waving gently in the warm, sunlit waters?
California Redwood on copper/
bronze, coated steel.
Height 15 inches    #885
Sculpting Wood
     Nature has bestowed great beauty on the living tree.  The murmuring sound of the wind in its leaves, the patterns of light in their motion, and the repetition of the changing seasons produce natural rhythms which remain locked in the wood.
     In my sculptures I try to release this energy and recreate the life-force which circulated through this complex and beautiful material.  This same life-force compels us to hold it and touch it and when we do, we feel the remembered rhythms.
Wood Sculpture, A-790
Sculpture, Painted Ladies
Fleming's right hand rule states that an electric current passing from front to back through this coil would induce a magnetic field in the straight bar, with the N-pole facing forward.  Jatoba sculpture suported on a powder-coated, aluminum rod and set on soapstone.
height 24 inches       #848
Shadow Blossom
Pierced and dyed elm flower set on green soapstone.  From the Anthemion Series.
Height 8.5 inches    #790
Painted Ladies
These ladies are enjoying a bit of gossip.  Air-brushed, elm figures on soapstone
Height 13 inches      #793
Sculpture, Mirage
A trip to Mirror Lake in N.Z. inspired this sculpture. The sapelle mountains are reflected in the waters of the acrylic base.
Length 14 inches     #729
Sunny Ways
This sculpture is carved from a  single piece of hickory from a local Ottawa tree. The contrasting base is carved from a piece of Quebec soapstone.
#852      12 inches high
Cherry anthemion trapped in steel
with small duplicate inside.
Height   14 inches         #868
Forbidden Fruit
The precious cocobolo fruit is enclosed in a delicate birch wrapping, protected by three prickly arms of powder-coated steel.
Nevertheless, the fruit can be plucked by anyone who is determined enough to ignore the warning and suffer the consequences!
Height 19 inches      #853
Inspired by the lowly sea sponge
this black cherry darkens as it ages
and will reach a rich burgundy in time.
Height 10 inches        #694
The Offering
This sculpted, apple vase is presented atop a powder-coated, steel chain,
coil, as an offering..
Height   9 inches         #867
Lunar Quest
Apple with blackwood streaks reaches up toward the skies while cradled in a semi-circle of dyed maple in the shape of the crescent moon.
16 inches high    #889

Hubble's Orion
Celebrating the year of astronomy, this piece is my interpretation of the Orion nebula as seen with the Hubble telescope. Light shines through the swarovski crystals that resemble stars and are set in the air-brushed, elm vase.
Height 15 inches    #738
Misty Garden
The redwood in this fragile piece
is turned so thin is has a diaphanous
appearance.  The brazing of the
copper-coated chain is very light
and gives each link a suspended look.
Height 13.5 inches     #883

Promethian Flower
The reference to Promethius is tenuous at best but imagine the flower chained to a rock and the central object consumed each day.   apple/hammered, powder-coated steel/soapstone
Height 15 inches    #863
Inspired by radio telescopes. this airy, folded, walnut dish searches the heavens.
Height 9 inches    #712
Song for a Winter's Night
Claro walnut carollers join in song while standing in the bleached maple snow.
height 13 inches    #680
Sailing at Sunset
       Perhaps in the harbour at Rio, the small sails turn red as the sun sets on them.
       These colourful sails are nade of satine, sometimes called bloodwood, a wood from South America.  The red fleck in the granite base reflects the rich colour in the satine.
        The two pieces can be displayed in several orientations and I leave this up to individual taste, and the feeling they are intended to convey.
height 19 inches   #752, 753
Hidden Delight
A sleek ipe obelisk rises from inside
the white birch flower.  Ipe is a very hard wood from South America.
Height 15 Inches    #881
Smoke & Mirrors
Pierced apple sculpture set on base of faceted mirrors
Height 10 inches    #773
Anthemion 813
Another in the flower series, this anthemion is turned from walnut and is pierced with random circular holes.
Height 7 inches    #813
Reaching Up
Redwood / steel chain
a wispy wood cloak envelops the
rigid, powder-coated chain in its
upward struggle.
16 inches high,   #865

Island Totem
This simple Wenge totem is set on
stone from a Tuamotus' beach in the South Pacific.  It has been powder-
coated a very permaent copper.
10 inches high   #892
Maple on Steel
14 inches high   #879