15 Nov., 2018
Garry Bowes
Wood Sculpture Polynesian Passage
Wood Sculpture  Circumlocution
Wood Sculpture Anthemion
Nature is the primary artist at WoodSong Studio and my role as a wood sculptor is to give expression to my collaborator and to honour the former life of the tree.
WoodSong art is recognized internationally.      It is collected throughout North America and pieces have been gifted by the Canadian Government to several heads of state.   Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper has presented WoodSong art to American President,  George W. Bush and to Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth of Great Britain.   A commissioned piece was presented to Emperor Akihito of Japan, on a state visit to Ottawa.
Sculpture 793 " Painted Ladies"
Sculpture 882 "Endangered Species"

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3 February, 2017
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  Quilted Maple
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